LPG vs Auto LPG
Use of domestic LPG in automobiles is illegal.
Domestic LPG (Cooking Gas): Mercaptan is added to LPG to bring out the smell that aids in identifying a leak. This is corrosive in nature.
Transferring LPG from cylinders into motor vehicles is hazardous and highly risky.
Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) number for  LPG used for cooking is 4576.

Auto LPG:
This is probably the purest form of LPG and does not have any of the corrosive characteristics of Domestic LPG.
BIS number for Auto LPG is 14861.

What is Auto LPG
AutoGas (LPG) is a clean, high octane, abundant and eco-friendly fuel. It is obtained from natural gas through fractionation and from crude oil through refining. It is a mixture of petroleum gases like propane and butane. The higher energy content in this fuel results in a 10% reduction of CO2 emission as compared to MS.

AutoGas is a gas at atmospheric pressure and normal temperatures, but it can be liquefied when moderate pressure is applied or when the temperature is sufficiently reduced. This property makes the fuel an ideal energy source for a wide range of applications, as it can be easily condensed, packaged, stored and utilised. When the pressure is released, the liquid makes up about 250 times its volume as gas, so large amounts of energy can be stored and transported compactly.

The use of LPG as an automotive fuel has become legal in India with effect from April 24, 2000, albeit within the prescribed safety terms and conditions. Hitherto, the thousands of LPG vehicles running in various cities have been doing so illegally by using domestic LPG cylinders, a very unsafe practice. Using domestic LPG cylinders in automobiles is still illegal.

AutoGas impacts greenhouse emissions less than any other fossil fuel when measured through the total fuel cycle. Conversion of petrol to AutoGas helps substantially reduce air pollution caused by vehicular emissions.

The saving on account of conversion to AutoGas in comparison to petrol is about 35-40%. Low filling times and the 35-40% saving is a reason enough for a consumer to convert his vehicle to AutoGas.

Why Auto LPG :: 10 Reasons
1) Improves Air Quality
50% Less CO
68% Less NOx
99% Less Particlates

2) Combats Climate Change
20% less CO2 equivalent

3) Available
Highest Number of refuelling sites for any alternate fuel.

4) Safe
Stringent standards and regulations in place.

5) 60 % from Natural Gas
Helps diversify Energy Supply

6) Lesser Subsidy Loss to Government
Government gains more by promoting Auto LPG, through reduction on diversion of hugely subsidized domestic LPG .

7) Quick Installation
LPG refueling infrastructure can be installed within 3 months, in comparison to CNG infrastructure which would take years to give that kind of coverage.

8) Low Costs of Infrastructure & Kits
Cost of installation of LPG Vs CNG outlets is a no brainer, with LPG at about Rs 50 Lacs and CNG running into Crores, even without factoring in the cost of CNG pipelines.

9) Huge ALDS Network/ City Coverage and Growing...
Tremendous coverage already. Auto LPG is already available in more than 350 Indian Towns and Cities more than 860+ stations..More widely available alternate fuel.

10) Terrific Vehicle Performance
Vehicle performance/ OE Support:: Drop in Vehicle performance is between 3-5% maximum in comparison to more than a 20% drop in performance in case of the other alternate auto fuel.

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