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Auto LPG Parameters Domestic LPG
BIS - 14861 Grade BIS - 4576
< 0.1 % Vol Ethane 4 % Vol
40 % Vol Propane 15 % Vol
60 % Vol N Butane & Iso Butane 80% Vol
0 % Vol Other Heavier Hydrocarbons 1 % Vol
upto 550 Kg/Cu M Density @ 15 C upto 580 Kg/Cu M
Upto 7 bar Vapour Pressure @ 40 C Upto 7 bar
93 + Motor Octane Number 60 +
Nil Free water content Nil
Passed the test Hydrogen Sulphide Passed the test
Smooth and Excellent pickup similar to running on Petrol. Over 26 Million Vehicles run on auto LPG Worldwide. Third most used automotive fuel globally. Driving Comfort No comfort in driving, Low Pickup and possibility of presence of sludges causes erratic fuel supply that compromises performance of the vehicle, leads to engine failure.
Fuelling in LPG Stations is very safe Mode of Fuelling Very unsafe and crude method. Possibility of fire while transferring LPG from cylinder to vehicle tank which is illegal.
Low Maintanence Cost due to High Octane Maintanence cost of Vehicle Consists Impurities and Low Octane value. Hence Maintanence cost is higher than Auto LPG.
More than 220 LPG bunks are available in Tamil Nadu. Availability ------
30 Ltrs per minute & same as Petrol. Filling time Extremely risky and also illegal
Suitable for all types of LPG conversion kits. Suitability Not Suitable for Sequential and Liquid injection conversion kits.